23081706 Carburetor Screw #103A2A


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Product Description

 This is the Carb Fixing Screw Set for the .10-.40 FP & Wankel Series engines. 
             These screws attach the carb to the crankcase.                    
FEATURES: Metal Construction                                                   
          Black in color                                                       
          Phillips head-type                                                   
INCLUDES: Two Carb Fixing Screws                                               
REQUIRES: None, item is a stock part                                           
SPECS:    Screw Size: 3mm x 5mm                                                
COMMENTS: These screws mount to the base of the carb.                          
          These can also be used to mount the muffler.                         
                                                                   LDT 10/02/02
                                                                   NNA 12/22/02
                                                                   RJM 08/07/01
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.25" W. X    .25" H. X   3.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .02 LBS.


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