62600 1/4 Pilot Kit Sportsman


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              This is the Williams Brothers 1/4 Scale Sportsman                
                              Pilot Bust Kit.                                  
FEATURES: Four piece styrene plastic construction, flesh colored               
          Details include molded uncovered head and amber colored glasses      
          Pilot head can be linked to a servo for left and right movement      
INCLUDES: One Sportsman Pilot Torso Front                                      
          One Sportsman Pilot Torso Back                                       
          One Sportsman Pilot Head Front                                       
          One Sportsman Pilot Head Rear                                        
          One Amber Colored Glasses                                            
REQUIRES: Model Cement, Flat Enamel Paint, Sandpaper and brushes - TESR3560    
          If making the head actuate a dowel rod and servo horn of modeler's   
           choice will be required                                             
SPECS:    Height: 4" (102mm)                                                   
          Width:  4-1/2" (115mm)                                               
          Depth:  2-3/8"  (60mm)                                               
COMMENTS: For the Standard Pilot version order WBRQ1070 (head does not move)   
BOX DIMENSIONS:    5.50" W. X   1.38" H. X   8.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .15 LBS.


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