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Motor 55AX ABL 40K E3071

  This is the O.S. Max .55 AX ABL Aircraft Engine                 
                          with the E3071 Muffler.                              
FEATURES: Same mounting dimensions as the O.S. Max .46 AXII                    
          Advanced Bi-Metallic Liner process uses a double layer of plating    
            material rather than one thick layer. This helps the metal bond to 
            the cylinder and makes the plating more durable. Also, the plating 
            process is more consistent, resulting in a more precise fit between
            piston and sleeve for better compression and longer life.          
          Angular head design offers increased surface area for better cooling 
          40K Carburetor with diagonally placed needle valve eliminating remote
            needle valve placement                                             
          Two year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of
INCLUDES: O.S. Max 55 AX ABL Aircraft Engine with E-3071 Muffler, 40K          
            carburetor, #8 glow plug, illustrated instruction manual, 3.5"     
            (90mm) long needle valve, extension cable and two 3x35mm muffler   
REQUIRES: Aircraft blend fuel containing 5%-20% Nitromethane with at least 18% 
SPECS:    Displacement: .545 cu in (8.93cc)                                    
          Bore:   .91"   (23mm)                                                
          Stroke: .85" (21.5mm)                                                
          Practical RPM: 2,000-17,000                                          
          Power Output: 1.75 PS, 1.68 HP/16,000 RPM                            
          Weight: 14.29oz (404g) w/o muffler                                   
                                 w/ muffler                                    
          Recommended Props: 11x6, 11x7, 12x6, 12x7, 13x6                      
          Crankshaft thread size: 1/4-28                                       
          Distance from center of engine to drive hub:          2.4"  (60.4mm) 
          Distance from center of engine to end of crankshaft:  4.4"  (112.6mm)
          Distance/crankshaft center to muffler exhaust outlet: 1.4" (36.7mm)  
          Height from crankcase bottom to top of cylinder head: 3.6"  (91.1mm) 
          Height/crankshaft center to top of cylinder head:     2.8"  (72.6mm) 
          Width including mounting tabs:                 2" (51mm)             
          Width not including mounting tabs:           1.4" (36mm)             
          Width between mounting holes same side:      .69" (17.5mm)           
          Width between mounting holes opposite side:  1.7" (44mm)             
          Diameter of muffler body:                    1.5" (38mm)             
          Angle of muffler in relation to engine:      4°                      
                                                                   jxs 01/03/12
BOX DIMENSIONS:    6.25" W. X   4.13" H. X   7.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    1.63 LBS.


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