Ruedas Neumáticas para Aeromodelismo

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  • $2,025.00

    200R Smooth Wheels 2″ (2)

    200R takes a 1/8 Axle (3mm). Du-Bro’s low bounce captive air wheels have flown on more airplanes over the years than any other wheels on the market! The wall thickness is consistent throughout the wheel giving you a balanced tire. Comes complete with a sporty nylon metallic hub. Works well on grass & paved runways.

  • $9,112.50

    338TLC 1/5 Lightweight J-3 Cub Wheels (2)

    Dubro Ruedas Neumáti. 85mm Especiales ULTRA-ANCHAS PIPER J3 CUB Escala 1/5 (338TLC) tiene un tamaño de eje 3/16 (4,7 mm). Añadir el detalle y realismo final a su J-3 Cub Cub con Ruedas ultraliviana Du-Bro. Estas J-3 Cub Wheels ofrecen perno juntos hubs y cubre rueda realistadel piper Cub. Tienen una piel exterior fuerte y […]

  • $11,610.09

    425TLC 1/4 Lightweight J-3 Cub Wheels (2)

    Add the Realism and Final Detail to your J-3 Cub with Du-Bros Treaded 1/4 Scale Lightweight Cub Wheels. These J-3 Cub offer Bolt Together Hubs and Realistic looking “Cub” Wheel Covers. FEATURES: The Wheel Covers are Yellow Lexan with the word “CUB” Printed in Black on them. The Wheels fit a standard axle diameter of […]

  • $14,175.09

    558TLC 1/3 Lightweight J-3 Cub Wheels (2)

    1/3 Scale Tire takes a 3/16(4.7mm) Axle. Add the realism and final detail to your J-3 Cub with Du-Bro’s Treaded Lightweight Cub Wheels. These J-3 Cub Wheels offer bolt together hubs and realistic looking Cub wheel covers. Available in three sizes, these lightweights feature a foam interior, yet have a tough and rugged exterior skin […]