72104300 Tuned Silencer 1.40 RX


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     This is a Tuned Silencer (Tuned Pipe) specifically designed for the       
                    OS Max 140 RX 2-Cycle Airplane Engine.                     
     It is designed for the engine to develop maximum performance at the       
      relatively lower engine RPM range (between 8,000 RPMs which also         
                    enables you to gain noise bonus point).                    
FEATURES: Tuned pipe made of aluminum.                                         
          Mounting hardware included.                                          
INCLUDES: One Tuned Pipe                                                       
          One Silicone Connector                                               
          Two Coupler Clamps                                                   
          One Tuned Pipe Mounting Bracket                                      
          Three 3x15mm Allen Head Machined Screws                              
          Three 3x10mm Allen Head Machined Screws                              
          Six 3mm Silver Nuts                                                  
          One Instruction Sheet                                                
REQUIRES: Manifold (header), use OSMG2727                                      
SPECS:    Tuned Pipe- Length: 535mm                                            
                      Width:   47mm (at widest point)                          
                      Weight- Pipe Only:         165g                          
                              Hardware and Pipe: 235g                          
                              Hardware Only:      70g                          
          Silcone Connector- Inner Diameter: 18mm                              
                             Outer Diameter: 26mm                              
                                                                    MGC 5-15-97
BOX DIMENSIONS:    4.00" W. X   2.75" H. X  25.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    1.09 LBS.



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