HSGS Six Shooter Gas Pump w/Holster


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        This is the Holster/Six Shooter Pump from Dave Brown Products          
FEATURES: Quickly attaches to any plastic gallon fuel bottle                   
          Silicone pumping element for fuel resistance                         
          Has no valves or seals to wear out or leak                           
          Self-priming and will stop and reverse almost instantly              
          Designed for Gasoline Fuel only                                      
          Large Handle at the top of the Holster for easy carrying             
INCLUDES: One Holster                                                          
          One Six Shooter Fuel Pump                                            
          One Hardware Bag with Fuel Tubing and Fittings                       
COMMENTS: This is designed for Gasoline Fuel.  For Glow fuel, use DAVP2505     
                                                                    JAK 11/4/98
BOX DIMENSIONS:    6.00" W. X   3.75" H. X  11.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    1.29 LBS.


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