Kit Extra 300s Greatplanes .60


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Engine:.61-.90 (2-stroke) or .91-1.20 (4-stroke)
Radio:4+ channel (twin ail & twin elev can use channels 5 & 6)
Servos:5-6 (6th servo is optional 2nd elevator servo)
Two 12″ servo extension wires (two for ailerons)
Two Y-harnesses (one for ailerons and one for elevators)
Two-rolls of main color covering and one-roll of trim color covering
and matching paint.
Misc. Items:fuel tubing, 12-14oz tank, propeller, ¼” foam rubber,
1/16″ wing seating tape, 2½” spinner, two 2¾” wheels,
3/16″ wheel collars, easy fueler, 1/5 scale pilot, building and
field equipment.


Wing Area:744 sq in THROWS: hi low
Weight:7 – 7.5lb Ele 1¼” u/d ¾” up/dwn
Wing loading:21.7-23.25oz/sq ft Rud 2½” l/r 1½” l/r
Fuselage length:54.25″ Ail 5/8″ up/dwn ¼” up/dwn
Fin area:80.38 sq in
Stabilizer area:153.25″ CG 4-1/8″ fr LE @ root of wing
Stabilizer span:24.57″ +/- 3/8″